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                                                 is the CEO/Founder of the charitable organization; LADIDeclare. Her goal when developing LADIDeclare was to embody healthier and industrious women to become dominate members of our society by setting the precedents for future feminine ambassadors through evoking, guiding and encouraging positive outcomes. She was told by several she was not doing anything thing that hasn’t been done already. Because of fear she placed her passion to BUILD and EMPOWER women into a box. BUT, after hearing her first born utter the words; while in deep thought.... “See Mommy, all you have to do is DREAM” changed her forever. Over eleven years ago she started putting her thoughts into action. Taking all of her personal and professional experience from elementary education teacher, case manager, foster care worker, stage manager, set designer and entrepreneur; owner of an event planning company, owning her own spa, cosmetologist of over 20 year,  to being a single mother, oldest daughter of four and mentor to several, she slowly began to strategically place herself in places she felt would help build her vision. She used all what she knew to catapult her foundation. Today the lid is removed from that box of fear and all of her dreams have been placed onto a buffet of MUST HAVES. In pursuit of her legacy she left her profession as an Executive Director of over 6 years, to venture out to step into her destiny of DECLARING herself a five year plan of becoming one of The World’s Top Transformational Speakers while simultaneously building LADIDeclare. Every day, she pushes to make GREAT strides towards understanding and loving her calling. She looks at each speaking engagement as an opportunity to communicate, teach, inspire and ignite change. Her seminars focus on discovering one’s inner talents, independence and diminishing self-doubt and expansion of self-pride and determination. She says her success holds no weight to her becoming significant. She’s determined to be used as a vessel to change lives of all she comes encounter with.