Sherrell Green, DIRECTOR OF SPECIAL INITIATIVE  is an exceptional realtor that maintains a high level of professionalism. She has worked 10 years in the field as a Real Estate Agent and has 13 years of sales experience. She goes the extra mile to ensure all of her clients are more than satisfied when either selling, buying or making investments. Sherrell’s hustle and tenacity is her drive when aggressively pursuing leads, supporting and engaging every client. Not only is Sherrell a realtor, but she is a team builder and actively involved in her community. She exudes the same drive when supporting others with making positive life choices and decisions to enhance their way of life. She enjoys volunteering her time within the community and her engaging personality has contributed to much of her success as a realtor. “Real Estate is not a hobby, it’s a dream,” a quote often said by Sherrell. Sherrell Green is quintessential to what it means to be an Amazing Realtor! Her self-motivation; entrepreneurial thinking; caring personality; supportiveness; excellent communication skills; smart and savvy personality; humorous ways, enjoyment with meeting the needs of others; and making a difference in the lives of others is what makes her great for her teaming with LADIDeclare.

Shavon Mason, DIRECTOR OF PUBLIC RELATIONS is a woman who believes success is not determined by the amount of money you make, but by the number of lives you have impacted. She also believes hard work and determination is the key to success. When Shavon is not planning the next LADIDeclare event, she is working full time as a Manager at Suburban Station. Every day, she encounters people who have had serious life changes and are in need of assistance. She works diligently to help them find the resources to help them overcome their circumstances. Outside of work, Shavon is a mother to three beautiful kids and enjoys reading in her spare time. Shavon strives to live by the motto “Live, Laugh, Love”.

Takia Holden, OPERATIONS MANAGER is lover of words and finds joy in helping others birth their dreams and vision. She’s known for giving her all and is commended for putting her heart and passion into everything she touches. Becoming apart of LADIDeclare’s Creative Team has been a joy and is alignment with her life’s mission of helping to transform lives and empower women. She is a future book writer and wants to be remembered for always having a giving heart and living her life to the fullest with no limitations.

Alisha Willis, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR is an innovator, social service coordinator, entrepreneur, along with many other hats such as wife, mother, and sister. Alisha realized early in life that she viewed the world much different than most. But like some, she attempted to run and hide from her gifts and talents which makes her who she is. Today, she promised herself to fully commit to being who she was designed to be. Her story of motherhood alone could be a book in itself, after being told her first born wouldn’t make it to full term and to see her thriving as a productive teenager today reminds her that anything is possible and her view on life will not be tamed by any form of a box. Her teaming with LADIDeclare has allowed her to take the skills she’s developed along the way from working as a social service coordinator to having her own business hosting events, owner of a mobile paint party company and most recent the launch of a home and office decor line a true voice. Alisha is very passionate about giving a voice to those who have come before her.

Nicole Fisher, DIRECTOR OF DEVELOPMENT is a proud fifteen year veteran educator for the school district of Philadelphia. Her life mission is dedicated to making sure black and brown children understand their potential and ability to change the world. She takes joy in exposing her students to new possibilities and diminishing limited thinking. Partnering with LADIDeclare has been the best decision she has made because their missions together are a true example of iron sharpening iron.

Shardai Green, DIRECTOR OF COMMUNITY OUTREACH is a compassionate and wise woman who stands with great poise and dignity. She’s a graduate of Pennsylvania State University where she majored in Psychology. She prides herself for being involved in her church and community. She comes with several years experience working as an educator in the school district of Philadelphia and one of the creators of the nonprofit organization, Mother Care Inc. Social justice and women's equality are issues she takes pride in overcoming. She stands firm on the belief that women deserve to have a strong self-esteem; physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and educationally. She’s enthusiastic to be a part of LADIDeclare's movement, vision and mission to empower, to build self worth and to positively expose women to a world they can blossom in. Three of her self defined core values are; 1. A program that builds a strong foundation for a strong self-esteem. 2. A program that decreases statistics and increases stars. 3. A movement where young ladies are positively exposed and never exploited.

Nneka Robinson, SPECIAL EVENTS COORDINATOR, is an amazing force to be wrecking with. She’s a supportive wife and a nurturing mother of two girls. She’s always been known for her skills in the kitchen. After much contemplating she decided to take what she was great at and developed her love into a business of her own. Tyra’s Kitchen is her new venture. She brings her amazing skills to every event LADIDeclare embarks on while hosting and catering events specializing in soul food cuisine. Nneka wears several hats, because when she’s not in the kitchen creating magic she maintains a 9-5 where she works with the mental health population. This too is a love of hers. She feels you can learn so much from someone by simply taking the time to hear their story. Pairing with LADIDeclare has allowed Nneka to marry the two callings. She loves being able to finally help people and host and execute events all at the same time.

Tache’ Green, SPECIAL INITIATIVE AMBASSADOR is a dynamic designer who has a keen sense of skill when it pertains to taking someone’s vision and making it come to life at an event. Since the age of 12 she’s been a designing machine from designing clothes, logos and executing events. She’s graced the stages of Atlantic City, New York City, Chicago, North Carolina, Connecticut, DC, Philadelphia and several others with her heart and vision as a designer, mostly premiering as the youngest designer to hit the stage. Today she’s a junior at Lincoln University working towards her bachelor's degree in fashion and business and a minor in graphic design while maintaining her own clothing line. Watching her mother fight to become who she is today is why LADIDeclare is near and dear to Tache’. She feels she serves as her mother’s eyes and ears as God ascends her mother into a new season.