is a LADIDeclare's Marketing and Branding platform geared towards the thriving and inspiring entrepreneur woman. LADIES First is where adult women influencers BRAND will be transformed into a living and breathing entity. Each client will learn what it means to be a successful entrepreneur in a society where women battle with discrimination of being a minority. 

According to Guidant Financial, women accounted for 26 percent of current business owners, an 18 percent increase compared to 2017. While this is a strong indicator that more women are chasing their dreams of business ownership, it’s still far from equal representation. No longer will the ladies of LADIES First ask for permission to pursue their dreams or close the door to an unfulfilling lifestyle. The purpose of LADIES First is to lay a foundation for each client to evolve into confident, accomplished and successful business women and truly embarking on their life's purpose. To learn more about LADIES First or attend one of our coming events, CLICK HERE!