Reet Green was tired of fighting to find happiness. One night after feeling she was at the end of her rope, the phone rang, it was one of her many mentees who was longing for advice and comfort. While the queen on the other end, called to get words of encouragement and reassurance, she had no idea Reet was also in need. At that moment, Reet discovered she was only “motivated” for change. In an instant she saw she needed to be “transformed”, because she realized the flame of motivation burns out the moment a storm comes and she needed some sort of covering to ensure the flame stayed lit. She had a vision like many others, but didn’t trust God would provide provision, which was an ultimate test of her faith. That phone call gave root to LADIDeclare because she knew she would no longer walk in FEAR, but instead, walk by faith, Leading a Destiny she DECLARED. Since that day, she decided it was her duty to EDUCATE, ENLIGHTEN and EMPOWER anyone who longed for a mind shift to transform AWAY from an unfulfilled yesterday and equip them with the tools to EMBODY a new DAWN.