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Ladi Icon is an innovative program where inspiring young ladies ages 5 - 17 dare to imagine and follow their dreams. They discover their specific strengths through different art forms in the pursuit of becoming leaders of tomorrow. We focus on artistic development training, entrepreneurship and self empowerment. Ladi Icon awards our ladies an advantage of  making healthier future life decisions, which leads to an overall happier lifestyle. The goal is to provide positive exposure in areas of interest to help our young ladies lay a foundation of their purpose, passion and potential.


We are currently enrolling for our Cosmetology, Nail Tech, Makeup Artist and Fashion Design Classes! At Ladi Icon our young ladies will receive fundamental training that is anything but basic. Our curriculum is  carefully crafted and adaptive to meet market demands. We pride our reputation on preparing our young ladies in becoming the most creative and skilled professionals. Our hands-on instruction paired with cutting-edge techniques allows us to do just that.

Classes Start October 24, 2022 

A unique approach to your daughter’s future success is allowing them to DREAM WITH THEIR EYES WIDE OPEN!

LADI Icon’s goal is to make every young lady experience with us a success. We provide the foundation by offering a step-by-step, hands-on approach to learning new skills needed to fulfill dreams of entrepreneurship while having fun along the way!

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to ensure every young lady identifies their worth and leaves more skilled and prepared for life than when they walked in our doors.


Our Mission

We aim to declare a destiny of personal excellence for ladies by educating, enlightening and empowering through the transformation of self discovery, self development, and self-confidence.


Each Young Lady Walks Away From LADI Icon with:

  1. Discovery of personal purpose. 

  2. A foundation of developed skills.

  3. A business that could change their outlook on life!

  4. Life experience.

Mogul Takeover

Each young lady regardless of program choice participates in the Mogul Takeover. It is LADI Icon's guide to helping our young lady’s create their own business. Rather than to just show what to do, we guide our ladies through the process to build tenacity and confidence. 


  • Each will develop, create, and design their own business plan

  • Financial Planning & Investments

  • Learn how to pitch their business

  • Assign a mentor and career coaching

  • Meet with Angel Investors

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Mentor Pairing

Each will receive two mentors, an Auntie and a Sissy. The goal is to unite caring and accountable ladies who seek to provide guidance, support and encouragement. Each mentor will be tasked with the responsibility of increasing confidence, self-empowerment, positive relationships, emotional and social development while synchronizing open lines of communication between mentee and mentor. 

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Audition and Interview Process



Each aspiring Hair/Nail Artist is to bring photos or a portfolio of any past works. No prior experience is required.


Makeup Artist

Each aspiring Makeup Artist is to bring photos or a portfolio of any past works. No prior experience is required.



Each aspiring Fashion Designer will present a mood board that highlights her vision, prepared to show off her runway collection. The reason for the audition is to place Fashion Designers in the correct level. No prior experience is required.



Following auditions, each will meet with a panel of creative team members. Each will be asked a series of questions for the creative team to get to know aspiring artists.

Registration Process and Tuition

Registration opens to the public on Sunday, August 22nd, 2022

Registration will be accepted based on availability. Class sizes are limited and filled according to program. 

Registration will be accepted on a first come, first served basis. 


How to Register: (Click Here to Register)

  1. Complete pre-registration form (click here) and registration fee online

  2. Complete Audition

  3. Complete Interview with panel

Registration Fee: $125.00 (waived for returning students)

Tuition Cost: $840.00 (16 weeks)

What’s included in tuition:

  • Kit

  • Vision Board Kit

  • Tshirt and smock

  • Instruction Manual

  • Certificate of Completion and Card upon successfully completing course of study

Family Discount: LADIDeclare offers an additional 10% discount for families with multi LADI Icons.